Medicare Help for Individuals

I will help give you peace of mind about your healthcare!

As a trusted Benefits Specialist licensed in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Washington DC & Florida, I am ready to help you with your Medicare healthcare needs!

Which one describes you?

Turning 65?

Turning 65 & getting started with Medicare

Working past 65?

Working past 65 & wondering if your employer health plan or full Medicare is more beneficial to you



Planning to retire & need help transitioning from employer coverage to full Medicare

Unhappy with current plan?

Unhappy with your current health plan

Diagnosed with health condition?

Recently diagnosed with a chronic health condition & interested in a more beneficial health plan

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Common Medicare Questions

I will answer all these popular questions during your personal consultation:

  • When do I enroll in Medicare?
  • How do I enroll in Medicare?
  • Do I have to enroll in Medicare if I plan to work past 65?
  • Which is more beneficial: my employer coverage or full Medicare?
  • How do I bridge the financial gap that Medicare doesn’t cover?
  • Which supplemental health plan is most beneficial to me?
  • How do I avoid penalties?

I am ready to answer all of YOUR questions!